8 Super Simple Gift Ideas

1. Food in a Jar

I mean, come on, who doesn’t love food?! Also mason jars are recently all-the-rage. Bake some mini cookies, mix up a batch of puppy chow (muddy buddies), compile a cookie ingredient kit, etc.

2. Framed Pictures

My family is guilty of overusing this idea. We are always giving each other fun photos of great memories we’ve had together. This works great for family, friends, or significant others because it’s a very personalized gift. You can even go as far as to DIY the frame and make it even more customized to your relationship with that person.

3. DIY Photo Coasters

This is another very personal gift you can give to any of your friends or family members. The photos can be of absolutely anything, but it’s especially thoughtful when they are photos of you and the person you’ll be gifting them to.

8 Super Simple Gift Ideas

4. Hot Cocoa Kit

This is perfect for people you’re not super close with, such as neighbors, teachers, and co-workers. Just throw hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, crushed candy canes, and whatever else you put in your hot cocoa into separate small containers or jars. Then you can bind them together with a ribbon, or place them into a nice gift basket.

5. Coffee Lover’s Kit

This is super simple, yet incredibly useful. All you need is a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card; a package of coffee; some fun K-cups; a cute coffee mug or travel mug; and biscotti. Take all these ingredients and place them into a nice gift basket.


6. Mani-Pedi Kit

This is a great gift for a girl best friend or sister. Acquire a cute makeup bag, then fill it with nail polish, nail polish remover, nail filers and buffers, nail clippers, and nice smelling lotion. You can even include a nail salon gift certificate so she can treat herself.

7. Movie Lover’s Kit

This is one of the coziest gifts you can give. Put some microwave popcorn bags, DVDs, candy, and a movie gift card into a cute reusable popcorn bucket. If you’re feeling especially nice, you can also include a throw blanket with this gift!

8. If all else fails…

When your creativity juices are just not flowing well, there is a wonderful solution: gift cards.


Much of the inspiration for this post came from my “Gift Ideas” board on Pinterest.

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