What To Do With An Extra Day In Paris

On the first visit to Paris, France, of course travelers want to hit up all the famous “touristy” spots. For example, we all want to see the legendary Eiffel Tower, the enormous Louvre Museum and the historical Arc de Triomphe. During my first Parisian excursion, my family and I had  four days in this city of light, which forced us to keep a tight schedule. However, even with the lack of time, we were able to experience things in addition to the cliché must-sees. We planned to devote an entire day of our trip to exploring the Palace of Versailles (or Chataeu de Versailles), and I couldn’t be happier that this made it into our schedule.


 Versailles is located about 28 km outside of Paris. The train ride from the Metro Train Station in Paris to the city of Versailles can take about 30 to 60 minutes and is a relatively cheap price per person.

The Palace entry tickets can be purchased online or once you arrive. Whichever method, I strongly suggest you get to the Palace early. We went during the height of tourist season (June/July) and had to wait in an unbelievably long line. We purchased the standard Passport admission ticket for €18 each, which gave us access to the main palace, the Trianon palaces, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, and the beautifully groomed gardens. We did not opt for a guided tour, which allowed us to stroll through the rooms at our leisure.

I enjoyed studying the French Revolution in school, so seeing these buildings in person was incredibly surreal. This place contains so much history, it’s absolutely mind boggling.

The Gardens of Versailles were even more magnificent that I could have ever imagined. The place seems endless! You could seriously get lost ;). I encourage you to venture through the trees to find beautiful hidden areas and fountains. In the summer months they sometimes even put on musical fountain shows!


Have you ever been to the Palace of Versailles? What was your favorite part?

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