Photo Diary: The Jungles of Maui

Christmas was very different for my family and I this year. My parents surprised us a few months ago and revealed that we would be in Hawaii for Christmas! Specifically, the island of Maui.

We stayed in a house up in the mountains, but throughout the week we explored almost all of the beautiful island. (more photos of our trip are coming soon)

On Christmas day my family and I piled into the rental car and made our way to Hana Highway to see some absolutely breathtaking views. Hana Highway, or the Road to Hana, is a very narrow and winding highway carved, literally, into the side of the mountain and through the jungle of east Maui.

This is Google’s depiction of Hana Highway.
Though it’s hard to tell, the road was pretty treacherous. On one side of our car stood the mountain and on the other there was only a small guard rail to brace the car if any mistakes were to occur. Let’s just say my dad (the driver) was definitely not relaxed for most of the drive – sorry Dad!

The previous three pictures were taken on the black lava sand beach of Wai‘anapanapa State Park in Hana.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures of our family day-trip on the Road to Hana. I will soon be posting more pictures from our trip. Stay on the lookout for the sunrise over the peak of a volcano!


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