Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls

The “Empty Bowls Project” is an international effort to raise both money and awareness for the fight to end hunger. In my town, the event takes place every year on the 4th Saturday of January. Individual potters as well as students involved in pottery clubs from the many different high schools in our area work all year handcrafting beautiful, unique bowls that will be sold and used at the event. In addition, local restaurants donate soup and bread to be served all day long.

Empty BowlsEmpty Bowlsea790-img_6335

To get into the event guests pay $15; this includes one of the handcrafted bowls, unlimited soup tasting and the ability to bid in a silent auction for special prizes. The money received from tickets and silent auction bids benefits the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, which is an organization working to end hunger and food insecurity.

Empty Bowls
Here are potters and art teachers making extra bowls on-site to be sold.

Empty Bowls5dff6-img_6332

I have volunteered at this event for the past few years, and let me tell you, it is SO FUN! I usually get a couple of friends to come with me to help set up tables, soup stands, chairs and arrange the bowls. Every time I’ve gone, I reserve a spot to serve soup a few weeks in advance. You definitely get a more intimate experience of helping and doing your part when you volunteer as a soup server. Plus, my friends and I have a blast! Because we volunteer, we get to try all the soups for free (but we always donate of course). This year there were 48 different types of soup at the event. That’s a lot of soup!

Empty Bowls
Tomato Basil Soup (one of my favorites)

35249-img_6360Empty Bowls

Each year the fundraiser is such a huge success. It’s so nice to be apart of a community that is willing to come together to make positive change in the world!

Does your town or city have special events like this to fight hunger or help other causes? Tell me about them!

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