Reasons To Explore Local Markets

Farmers markets are great in so many ways! I recently discovered a few in my town and I loved them so much I decided to talk about why you should go out and explore these little markets in your area.

Discover/Try New Things

Local markets are one of the best spots to discover new companies, restaurants and products. They are also a great place to try new and unusual foods, or to find that perfect necklace for your best friend. While wandering around a local farmers market, I decided to try my first ever açaí bowl. Who knew fresh fruit on top of exotic mashed berries could be so delicious?!

Keep Business Local

By venturing out to that market down the street, you are supporting your neighborhood businesses. It’s really great to keep money local. I discovered an awesome organic food truck called Organically Twisted that’s based in my home town. They make deliciously healthy salads, wraps, desserts and more! I would highly recommend the Mama’s Pumpkin Bread and the Avo-loco salad bowl.

Mama’s Pumpkin Bread

Gain a Greater Sense of Community

While walking along the rows of tents you’ll run into old friends and have the opportunity to make new ones. At most farmers markets there are so many different types of people. You’re bound to get lost in conversation with other market-goers or the people advertising and selling their food/products/business. You’ll walk away happy to have met new people.

Comment and let me know what you love about local farmers markets!

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