Just A Little Something for V-Day

Valentine’s Day could be considered one of the best days of the year for some, or one of the worst for others. Around this time of year everyone is scrambling to find someone to call their valentine. To be honest, I think it’s silly that some people get so worried about whether or not they are with someone on this pretty unimportant day. But for those who do have someone by their side to make this 14th of February a little sweeter, here are some cute gift ideas I came up with. You can also gift some of these for your friends! Galentine’s Day is real right? Of course it is.



  • Decorated jar with “Reasons Why I Love You” notes inside
  • Chocolates inside a mug & a Starbucks gift card




  • Nix the gifts; go out to a nice dinner


No Valentine? No problem.
  • Exchange gift bags (I call them spirit bags) with a friend




So these are just a few ideas I thought would be fun to share this Valentine’s Day. Let me know of any other ideas you might have, or tell me about your plans for this day!

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