Spring Cookies & Family Traditions

Spring Cookies

I recently found this amazing recipe for Lemon-Glazed Butter Cookies, and I thought they’d be the perfect little Spring treat. I originally found the recipe on Pinterest and then pinned it to my Yummy board. I decided these cookies were very appropriate for Easter, so I baked them this past weekend for my family to enjoy at our annual Easter Brunch. They were so light, lemony and delicious that I knew I’d have to share them with you all! Click here for the recipe.


Now for the Family Traditions portion of this post. My grandmother is very Catholic and very Polish, so every year we have a Polish-ish Easter Brunch with all of my grandparents and siblings. Each year we have fresh kielbasa, smoked kielbasa, Honey Baked Ham, fruit, toast and, of course, decorated Easter eggs. (For those of you who don’t have the slightest clue what kielbasa is, it’s just polish sausage.)

The part of our brunch we all look forward to the most is the egg fights! No, not the kind of fight in which you throw raw eggs at each other while watching the yolk splatter everywhere. How it works is, someone will pick a decorated hard-boiled egg and challenge another person at the table to an egg fight. If that person accepts, the two opponents will hit their eggs against each other. Whosever egg cracks is the loser and that person must eat the losing egg. I know it sounds pretty silly but, trust me, things get pretty heated during these egg fights!

In addition to the Lemon-Glazed Butter cookies, I also made banana bread and it was wonderful. The recipe I like to use is a healthy one that is made without any sugar or butter. It’s always a family favorite and no one can ever tell that it’s super healthy. Check out the recipe here.Hope you enjoyed this little Easter recap. If you try either of the recipes let me know! Tag me on Instagram and Twitter with a picture of your delicious creation. I’d love to see them and know if you liked them.

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