Current Music Favorites


Music is awesome. It helps me to relax, get pumped up, focus and wind-down. My music is with me in the shower and in the car; and it’s on while I do homework, write blog posts and scroll through Pinterest.

I always love finding new songs and artists to listen to. So I thought I’d share some of my current favorites with you! This list is arranged in no particular oder; they’re all just songs I really enjoy.

  • “Mess is Mine”- Vance Joy

  • “Stolen Dance”- Milky Chance

  • “Girls”- The 1975

  • “Sugar”- Maroon 5

  • Anything from Walk the Moon
    • specifically: “Anna Sun”, “Tight Rope”, “Shut Up and Dance”, “Shiver Shiver”, “Jenny”, “Quesadilla     (incase you couldn’t tell, I like a lot of them)

Please share with me some of you’re current music favorites in the comments below! I’d love to check them out.

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