5 Signs You Have "Senioritis"

5 Signs


Ending your last year in high school is incredibly exciting! Unfortunately, there is just one little issue: Senioritis is real and after you’re accepted to college this disease of laziness really hits hard. In my brain, to have Senioritis means you have lost all motivation toward your school work, studying and exams. You no longer even want to go to school and often end up wearing yoga pants and t-shirts every day. You have absolutely no care in the world. You are simply counting down the days until you can finally walk across that stage and receive your diploma.

I consider myself qualified to comment on this topic because I am currently going through this deprecating disease. My Senioritis has gotten so bad that I can’t even motivate myself to write blog posts! Yet, ironically, I decided to put my Senioritis to good use and write a post explaining some of the symptoms of this disease. Cause, you know, just in case you think you may also have this ailment.

You have Senioritis if…

  • You find yourself constantly checking every social media account you have. (Typically, I check each account four times in 10 minutes.)
  • You are looking at various ways to decorate your future college dorm while you should be studying for that Calculus test tomorrow.
  • The minute you get home you go straight to your bed and turn on Netflix.
  • You find yourself going out to breakfast with friends rather than going to your Government class.
  • You look for every possible excuse to convince your parents that school has become pointless and there is no reason you should be forced to go. (WARNING: this tactic is mostly unsuccessful.)
I sincerely hope that this small list of symptoms has helped you to better diagnose your problem. I fear that if you do in fact have Senioritis there is no cure thus far. You will just have to wait it out as long as you can and pray that graduation comes quicker. At least that’s what I’ll be doing!

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