Total Revamp of A Piece of Positivity

Hello! This is the first post I have published on this site for a long time. We’re talking almost a year since I’ve last posted!

This extended period of silence is due to the simple fact that I recently went through a huge life change; that change being college. I moved out of the home I’ve lived in for my entire life and into a small dorm room, which I was forced to share with another human. Throughout my first year in college, I spent my time adjusting to difficult coursework, meeting new people and trying new activities. This left little time for me to focus on my beloved, yet amateur, blog. Until now.

So this is the exciting part. I have spent the beginning of my summer revamping and rebranding my blog, A Piece of Positivity. This refurbishment has consisted of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress; redesigning my blog’s appearance; redefining my blog’s purpose and niche; and coming up with fresh ideas for blog posts.

Now, here is where I tell of more specific changes taking place in regards to content. On this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts on various topics, as well as some advice and fun DIY projects. My goal is to provide you with interesting stories, tips, and guides that you will enjoy and might even make your life easier.

I’m so excited for the relaunch of A Piece of Positivity, and I cannot wait to share beautiful, compelling content with you all. To learn a little more about me, you can check out my about page or explore my social media. Also follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hope to see you around! 🙂


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