New Semester, New Me?


Fall 2016.

For so many, the combination of those two concepts – Fall and 2016 – means the start of a new semester, a new year, a new period of life. Thousands of students are unpacking their lives, once again, into a much-too-small bedroom that will be their only space of quiet for the next few months. This is a time for people to dive into new areas of interest and continue to mold the person they want to be. However, the start of this exciting time of newness is also accompanied by stress about the year ahead, anxiety about classes that will determine our future, and exhaustion from trying to keep up with everything.

To sum up my first few weeks in my second year of college, the most conclusive word I can think of is intense. While it was incredible to see all the people I missed this past summer, trying to figure out the structure of my classes and develop a routine for this semester was utter chaos. Simultaneously, I was constantly meeting new people and attending welcome events for the various organizations I am a part of, which made the start of my semester even more hectic. Due to the many differences between my first year and this year, learning how to re-balance my school life and social life has become even more confusing.

–Now ditching all talk of stress–

So far, I’ve been feeling tremendously more confident and self-assured than I did as a First Year student. Oddly, I find myself to be much more outgoing and interested in talking to people than I ever have before. In just a short time, I have strengthened so many friendships and established even more new relationships.

This year is especially exciting for me because I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to help lead a bible study of about 10 freshmen girls. I am so eager to dive into the Word with them and explore the many wonderful facets of God. Though I feared this new responsibility for the past few months, I am learning to be firmly confident in God’s plans. I trust that He has placed me in a position where I will continue to grow, as well as serve Him. I cannot wait to invest in these girls, to learn with them and to witness the amazing things He will show us this semester.

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