College (part 1)

I am currently hurling down the highway in the back of my dad’s silver SUV, looking back on the past year of my life. I can’t quite put into words how I feel about my first year in college. Recently, I was asked if college was what I expected it to be, and I realized that I … More College (part 1)

I’m Back!

Hi everyone! Yup, I’m back. About mid-February my life got really busy all of a sudden. I lost motivation to write posts and to keep up with my blog. But I’ve honestly missed it so much and now I’m super excited to start again. So to announce my return, this post is going to be a … More I’m Back!

Hugging Is The Answer To Everything

My oldest great aunt is one of the sweetest ladies alive. She is basically another grandmother to me; she is always sending us cards for every single holiday imaginable and delivering little gifts at any moment she can. This weekend we received our annual Valentine’s Day card from this oh-so-lovely lady. Along with her sweet handwritten message, inside the … More Hugging Is The Answer To Everything